Vow partners with Enigmatic Smile

Following a multi million pound investment round from the UK Government’s Future Fund, Artos Systems and Vow, Enigmatic Smile is expanding even further.

It has partnered with Vow to tokenize cashback rewards across 11 countries and is using Artos and Aventus Tier 2 scaling technology to ensure instant transactions, whilst remaining decentralized on Ethereum.

Millions of annual transactions are scheduled to move to the blockchain from the end of February 2021.

As soon as vaccinations have been rolled out and the world opens up for business, Enigmatic Smile and Vow intend to publish millions of additional transactions monthly as new partners go live.

Whilst still in stealth mode, the UK based company has gone from strength to strength.

It has been signing deals with and integrating bank after bank and processor after processor. It currently works with more than 30 financial institutions from the world’s largest card schemes and acquirers to huge card issuers and mobile wallets.

By operating branded reward programmes for partners across 11 countries, Enigmatic Smile is now well-positioned to deliver its unique technology to even more cashback organisations, banks and publishers across the globe.

John Cohen, MD of Enigmatic Smile said: “It has been inspiring to work with the Vow team and their deep understanding of how we operate. Our mission of  providing the highest value rewards to millions of end-users is definitely on track. 2021 will begin a very exciting journey.”

Paul Teleky, Director of Strategy at Vow, went further, “When Bish Smeir brought up the idea of using blockchain tech to tokenise cashback within the existing businesses we set out to do so in earnest. Vow is now facilitating a worldwide ecosystem of decentralised stable coins such as v€, v£, or v$ , and ensuring their utility from day one. Enigmatic Smile is the perfect partner for us to launch and we congratulate everyone in the team for this awesome achievement.”


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