Ecosystem Allocations complete

We are delighted to announce that the initial ecosystem allocation of Vow has been completed successfully. 162,331,113 Vow has been allocated to existing stakeholders, users and strategic corporate partners across 11 countries, although this is locked away from secondary markets for a minimum period of 12 months. All of these parties will be instrumental in growing the Vow ecosystem as we move forward. From replacing their existing user’s cashback balances with vcurrency to providing transaction verifications, technical resources, additional merchants, sales people or liquidity, all will play their part.

A post Covid 19 budget of 92,040,315 Vow has been allocated to incentivise the next 1,000,000 merchants who join the system, starting with an allocation of 3999 Vow for the first 5,000 new merchants who register in 2021. (More to be announced on this shortly.)

We would like to thank all those that have believed in the project so far.

The world needs decentralized currency and Vow is ready to bring it.

The Presale Stage 1 is now Live. All early bird participants will receive a 65% discount from the standard Merchant price of 20c.

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