Uniswap liquidity pool established

Once the Vow token sale is completed, it is important that multiple markets are established where Vow can be swapped for vcurrencies, ETH or other cryptos; and vice versa.

Before that happens we need to get mobile applications and merchants up and running . For this reason some of our ecosystem participants have taken the step of establishing small liquidity pools on Uniswap.

You can view the Uniswap liquidity pool here:

Liquidity Pool   

Interested parties are invited to add to the liquidity pool. Special incentives can be provided for those who wish to add capital. If you wish to add capital, drop us a line and we’ll have a chat: hello@vowcurrency.com

You’ll be able to trade Vow here.

Trade Vow


What is Uniswap?

A centralized exchange like Coinbase matches a buyer with a seller and that’s how liquidity is added to the platform. Uniswap is different. On Uniswap a person who is known as a “liquidity provider” deposits an equal amount of two coins onto the platform.

Currently, there is $3 billion deposited in Uniswap by liquidity providers. That’s pretty incredible considering that in May of 2020 there was less than $25 million locked up. This is exponential growth!

Uniswap trade volume is also spiking as the decentralized exchange has been routinely doing more than $100 million in trading volume per day. What’s really staggering is that Uniswap is now handling more daily trading volume than Coinbase, one of the most popular centralized exchanges in the world.

Again, this represents exponential growth as Uniswap was doing between $8 to $15 million in daily volume just a few months ago in June of 2020.

Quote from Exodus.io

Want more info?

Heres a really useful guide to Uniswap from our friends at Cryptoradar!



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