1 million historical transactions

We’ve crossed 1 million historical transactions!

The Vow ecosystem has sent 1m historical transactions to Aventus and these have been successfully processed by Aventus on their Tier 2.

Being an Ethereum based token, conducting near-instant transactions at point of sale is only possible because of our partnership with Aventus.  This is a huge milestone, not just for Vow, but for Aventus who work so hard to facilitate our requirements.

Real-world, large-scale, crypto adoption is on its way!

Check out their live explorer: HERE


The Aventus Network (AvN), a blockchain protocol that makes Ethereum transactions cheaper, faster and more efficient, this week announced the deployment of Block Explorer, an open-source tool that brings greater transparency in terms of activity to its user community.

This powerful new feature acts as a window into the AvN blockchain, enabling users to see all transaction data and blocks as they are created and validated. This means they can watch as transactions are confirmed between accounts, audit user payments, monitor fees spent, and rewards earned for validators.