We’ve crossed 6 million historical transactions on layer 2

We’ve crossed 6 million historical transactions!

As we prepare to bring Vow to exchanges, we’re delighted to announce over 6m historical transactions have been processed by Aventus on their Tier 2.  Many of you may not understand just how significant these transaction numbers are in the blockchain world – They are absolutely gigantic in comparison to most other projects.

Being an Ethereum based token, conducting near-instant transactions at point of sale is only possible because of our partnership with Aventus.  This is yet another huge milestone, not just for Vow, but for Aventus who work so hard to facilitate our requirements.

Real-world, large-scale, crypto adoption is on its way!

Check out their live explorer: HERE


The Aventus Network (AvN), a blockchain protocol that makes Ethereum transactions cheaper, faster and more efficient, this week announced the deployment of Block Explorer, an open-source tool that brings greater transparency in terms of activity to its user community.