Merchant Acceptor Benefits

Merchant Acceptor benefits of ᵛcurrency

Businesses in all industries and of all sizes need money to grow and thrive.
One of the core problems with the current global economy is that money is consistently abstracted away from real world use. It is being yanked out of local economies to feed the financial markets, which makes running any kind of local business more difficult.

We all want our local high streets to be full of amazing local businesses, but gradual financialization of traditionally non-finance based industries and a scarcity of credit, despite virtually permanent intervention from monetary authorities, has resulted in a reduction of money available in local circulation.

This lack of money makes it harder to pay rent and taxes. A quick look around our towns and cities shows that whatever politicians are in power, whatever policies they promote, the core problems with our lives do not lie in politics alone, but simply in the availability of money.

To provide an overly simple example the total value of all coins and banknotes in the world is roughly $7.6 trillion, but the total value of all financial derivatives contracts in the world is over $1 quadrillion (1,000 trillion).

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