Do you Vow? Vow wallet 1.01 is now available.

Vow wallet is now live on both app stores.

Vow Wallet is a decentralized wallet application that allows you to securely store, send, swap, and spend your Vow and Vow currencies. As the official wallet of the Vow community, it offers full DEX support and the knowledge that all crypto assets are held with your own keys. The wallet currently supports BTC, ETH, VOW, and all Vow currencies.

Given that most projects never get to the point where they have fully functioning, non-custodial wallets for their users, let alone a fully integrated DEX and direct Visa card purchasing facilities; the release of Vow Wallet is a giant leap forward for the Vow project.

This is the first version of Vow Wallet so we are actively seeking feedback and bug reports here:

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