Take the $VOW

It is often said that music is food for the soul.  

So we thought, if we’re going to catch people in the heart; and galvanise them in pursuit of changing the world, we should at least take music a little bit more seriously.

For this reason we decided to commission “Take the Vow”; our first step through the door to this vast, rich, musical sea of inspiration.

Not knowing where to start, but with aim firmly in mind, the universe, as always, delivered. 

The form of its gift on this occassion was a musician who would truly stand out – Seongtaek Rafael Kwon.

Seongtaek is a self-taught composer and classical pianist with recognition and compliments by world class musicians Lang Lang, Yiruma, and Tian Jian,

He is fiercely Seongtaek.

He was the first BMX athlete to represent South Korea, and  competed in Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia. He was one of finalists at the X Games 2004 and the winner of King of Finland 2010. He learned and succeeded to complete the Rubik’s cube (3×3) blindfolded in one weekend, and realised that nothing that appears impossible is magic: “It’s all about focusing on one thing at a time to master it to become a capable individual in any segments of life and jobs.”

The video above, was where we started, and if you’d like to hear the whole piece you can do so in this experimental video below. 

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