VowUp ’22 in Frankfurt

Out supporters know that Vow has three goals, all centred around decentralisation.

  1. Decentralised Issuance
  2. Decentralised Acceptance
  3. Decentralised Liquidity

Since January ’22, we have been working on a plan to implement point 3; decentralised liquidity.

In July we launched a completely decentralised smart contract which incentivises liquidity provision : The Last Network.

2400 Liquidity Providers have purchased VOW and v$, locked them up in Uniswap and received their LP tokens, and then locked their LP tokens in The Last Network Smart Contract in 5 weeks. It is clear that something exciting is brewing.

The Last Network is still in prelaunch until the start of 2023 but a great group of people have joined, all of whom are supporting the Vow ecosystem grow.

VowUp is the first prelaunch event for The Last Network in Frankfurt.  Exciting times.

Find out more here https://thelastnetwork.com

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