The Last Network; Liquidity Providers for the Vow ecosystem.

For Immediate Release         

  • The Last Network enters prelaunch at VowUP ‘22!
  • Already 3500 strong.
  • Speakers from around the world arrived in Frankfurt, Germany to talk about how VOW will change the world
  • The explosive growth of the Vow ecosystem was explained to all, along with information on how liquidity providers can benefit by providing their capital, through Uniswap.

The Last Network entered prelaunch at VOW UP ‘22 in Frankfurt , Germany.  Attendees and speakers from around the globe arrived for what was truly a world class event.

VOW is a crypto-tokenomic ecosystem which aims to decentralize the issuance of currency across tens of thousands of participating businesses, in the background of their existing customer loyalty programmes.

Nine speakers took to the stage, each taking their turn to explain the different technologies, applications, rewards programmes and retailers that are coming together to bring together this truly unique and emerging ecosystem to life.

The Last Network provides the liquidity to underwrite the development of the world-wide Vow ecosystem by providing capital for the benefit of all ecosystem participants to trade through; in much the same way as a bureau de change does at the airport.

The difference here, is that instead of liquidity being centralized, it is decentralized across an already growing network of more than 3500 liquidity providers. Essentially The Last Network allows the transfer between vCurrencies and VOW, in much the same way as the bureau de change allows transfer between dollars and pounds. In the same way that a bureau de change makes a commission when you go to the airport and change your pounds into dollars and then makes a commission when your dollars are turned back into pounds, The Last Network allows participants to earn these commissions as vCurrencies and VOW are bought and sold.

Attendees from around the world were incredibly excited with the event, and the messages delivered, feeling that as VOW and its growing ecosystem of reward programmes grows, there really is the opportunity to change the world

The conference erupted when speaker Erick Calder stated, ‘We must do this big and we must do this together.”

Vow Currency CEO Bish Smeir was overwhelmed with the response to the event and is quoted as saying:

The Vow ecosystem is growing so fast that increasing liquidity will naturally play a vital role in its growth..

The ability for all participants in the ecosystem to avail of this liquidity, provided by The Last Network in a completely decentralized way, is game changing.

Because the vision of the Last Network is that it is 100% smart contract and community governed, this is completely in alignment with all founding principals at Vow and that is why we put our full support behind it.

True decentralization is a hard nut to crack. It is something our community and our developers are working towards every day. This journey means we are all acutely aware that no one should act as custodian in a decentralized ecosystem. Because of this understanding, all liquidity is only bought from the open market, but it is locked in independent Uniswap contracts. For this reason all The Last Network participants can feel secure there are no private parties or exchanges holding their funds.  #Notyourkeysnotyourcrypto

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