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Date 18th January 2023

Mumbai, India


Enigmatic Smile is a Reward Technology Provider, focussed on seamlessly linking high value rewards to consumers’ payment cards. It will launch in India on 30th January 2023.

Enigmatic Smile’s technology works seamlessly, and invisibly, in the background of existing reward programmes, re-directing billions of consumer dollars to retailers in its network.

As inflation eats the world up, consumers need an easy way to generate savings across the globe, and India is no exception. Enigmatic Smile is bringing a brand-new technology to India which will redefine the way retailers, banks and media houses engage and inspire their customers.

20 years ago, it was easy for retailers to reach, and form a relationship with their customers; They simply printed up and distributed some plastic loyalty cards, and a centralized database recorded, and rewarded, purchases with points and prizes.

Reaching customers through reward programmes has become progressively more complicated over the years. In the run-up to, and certainly post pandemic, the rewards space has collapsed into a mish-mash of ineffective offers, outdated systems, broken experiences and as a result, negative ROI. Customers have no idea where to get the best offer, how it works or how to use it. They have become immune to incentivization through a constant barrage of advertisement.

Digital payments have exploded. Consumers can choose to pay by credit cards, debit cards, UPI, Google pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayTM, Phone Pe, Paypal, gift cards and even crypto. Every day there are more, and more, consumer choices available – Every man and woman now has his, or her, favourite way to pay.

Added to this indigestible number of payment methods, there are also an infinite amount of wallets and apps available through which consumers spend their time, and their money.  From Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and WhatsApp; from Flipcart and Uber to Dream 11 and Zomato, every company seems to be building its own internal payment experience.

There’s a QR code for this and that Bar code for that. There’s an app for that and an app for this. There’s “this reward card” and “that reward card”, there’s points, and prizes, and discounts and cashback and coupons and vouchers and …

Well, you get the point. It’s a minefield.

To make things even more complicated, there’s now data localisation rules and consent requirements for absolutely everything. There are so many methods of communication that we even now need apps to manage all our different ways of communicating!

With emails and push messages and text messages and phone calls and Telegrams and Instagrams and LinkedIns and ShareChats; everything is quickly becoming a soup of broken and inefficient notifications.

Enigmatic Smile fixes this, for reward programmes at least, with its product –

Think of as a digital reward wallet that links to all participating reward programmes. It consolidates your identity, permissions and consents across all of them, and re-denominates your existing reward balances across all of them too. It simplifies the life of reward programme users by providing a single sign in across multiple programmes, and a consolidated reward balance across all of them too. Most importantly links your profile to your existing credit cards and credit cards, meaning collecting rewards in participating reward programmes is fully automatic experience. You’ll never need to think about anything, or remember a rewards card, and you’ll never miss out on rewards again.

Not only does make rewards more rewarding for consumers, but it acts as a bridge between retailers and reward programmes, allowing them to confidently reward customers, without doubling up on rewards. In one move, participating retailers can deploy an offer across the consolidated customer base of multiple organisations such as banks, cashback websites and insurance companies. They can also communicate to end users, bypassing all gatekeepers, directly into the apps and websites users know and love.

Building this technology out in India has been a monumental technical and conceptual journey; one which has been in preparation for over two years.

It will reach its climax on the 30th of January 2023. On that date from the Trident hotel BKC, pure payment card linked offers, utilizing technology will launch in India, for the first time ever.

One thing is for sure, Rewards will never be the same again.

Retailers can now deploy offers for free, developers can integrate Enigmatic Smiles’ APIs for free and large consumer organisations can avail of bespoke iOS and Android apps.

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