About Vow

Vow Limited is a Jersey based company. It is tasked with kickstarting, growing and decentralizing the Vow ecosystem

Blockchain initiative

Blockchain has improved the way in which we transfer value. It has enabled the creation of systems that bypass the need for trusted third parties. Systems built on blockchain have the potential to reduce the costs and risks of existing payment infrastructures.

Value Creation

Before value can be sent, it must be created. Vow opens up the ability of value creation to everyone, regardless of economic circumstance. It delivers a truly inclusive financial system for all.

Building Communities

Vow itself is a tool; a tool through which communities can contribute to the creation of a parallel currency supply. Businesses and individuals which form any community can work together, cooperatively eliminating the risks inherent in centralized currency systems.

Global Distribution

The localization of the creation and distribution of financial resources will reshape how communities develop on a global scale. Understanding that the true source of value resides in every individual, serves as the foundation of our future.

Our partners

Vow has been built with the support of world class partners and suppliers.