Merchant Acceptor Benefits

Merchant Acceptor benefits of ᵛcurrency Businesses in all industries and of all sizes need money to grow and thrive.One of the core problems with the current global economy is that money is consistently abstracted away from real world use. It is being yanked out of local economies to feed the … Read more

Vow Introduces the Next Step in the Evolution of Crypto-Based Currencies

You can view this article on or read it below. Since the beginning of 2021, the cryptocurrency industry has experienced a marked surge in popularity, as institutions and individuals flock to the rapidly developing space in large numbers. Whilst the barrier to enter the space has significantly decreased since … Read more

We’ve crossed 6 million historical transactions on layer 2

We’ve crossed 6 million historical transactions! As we prepare to bring Vow to exchanges, we’re delighted to announce over 6m historical transactions have been processed by Aventus on their Tier 2.  Many of you may not understand just how significant these transaction numbers are in the blockchain world – They … Read more

This is how winning is done.

The global loyalty and rewards industry creates, and redeems, billions of dollars of merchant promises each year. It does this in the form of vouchers, points, cashback and gift cards. Whilst there’s been intense innovation in this space over the last 5 years, there’s been nothing quite like Vow. Vow … Read more

Bitcoin is legal tender for the first time!

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador voted to pass a bill that declared Bitcoin as legal tender yesterday. This move makes El Salvador the world’s first nation to adopt a cryptocurrency as legal tender. The historic nature of this precedent cannot be underestimated, and although this blog is dedicated to … Read more

Webinar date change

Dear all, Good afternoon to you. We wanted to make a special announcement today and had planned an AMA webinar to do so. Unfortunately, some delayed legal paperwork has got in the way of that announcement being made public on time. Our operations team feel it is best to delay … Read more

Acceptance and Stability

“Total Belief” that I can re-use any currency I accept at the same value I accepted it is the fundamental key to a currency being adopted, and it is the hardest “nut to crack.” For all fiat currency this “belief” is ultimately enforced by governments, and in the end – … Read more

1 million historical transactions

We’ve crossed 1 million historical transactions! The Vow ecosystem has sent 1m historical transactions to Aventus and these have been successfully processed by Aventus on their Tier 2. Being an Ethereum based token, conducting near-instant transactions at point of sale is only possible because of our partnership with Aventus.  This … Read more

PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider

PCI Compliance Level 1 is one of four PCI merchant compliance levels and two service provider levels established to protect the security of credit card data and cardholder data, in e-commerce transactions as well as those conducted in-store. In the case of VISA payment cards, the Payment Card Industry Data … Read more


It is a very exciting day for Vow as we announce we are now listed (untracked until after the token sale) on Check it out: CoinMarketCap is the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to make crypto discoverable … Read more