Press Release: Vow snaps up strategic stake in UK Reward-Tech, Enigmatic Smile

Saint Helier, Jersey Vow Currency invests in Enigmatic Smile, a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which specialises in delivering payment-linked rewards technology to cashback and loyalty companies, as well as their publisher networks, merchants, and consumers around the world. Leveraging a portfolio of JVs and integrations with 27+ financial services … Read more

A third option.

Central banks are the institutions best placed to provide trust in money in the digital age and will continue to be, according to Agustín Carstens, general manager at the Bank for International Settlements, an umbrella group for the world’s central banks. “The soul of money belongs neither to a Big … Read more

Welcome to Cavendish

Bish Smeir travelled to Jersey this week to complete Vow’s long awaited move to Cavendish Fiduciary. We’d like to officially welcome James Cunningham Davis and Lindsay Bracegirdle onboard as corporate directors. We think we are in the best of hands with them both; As a result, we asked them to provide … Read more


Exchanges are naturally a vital part of our future. As we gear up to releasing more tokens we have continued to demonstrate our commitment to liquidity – first on decentralised exchanges – and then on centralised exchanges. This chart quickly explains how far we have come – on the exchange … Read more

Cointribune: 3% cashback doesn’t move customers any more

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FULL ARTICLE OR READ BELOW 3% cashback rewards don’t move customers any more This issue lies at the core of why merchants are “not that bothered” about crypto. There’s not enough demand from customers yet, and short of governments forcing their business community to … Read more

Cointribune: Cryptocurrencies; a financial phenomenon.

Cryptocurrencies; a financial phenomenon but not yet democratised in the real economy? CHECK IT OUT ON COIN TRIBUNE From a user experience point of view, we have come a long way, and there is no denying that trading Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is a bit easier today than it … Read more

Vow is on Bithumb

Today we take a moment to celebrate another major milestone in Vow’s trajectory As you may know, Vow has been available on Uniswap V2, a decentralized exchange, for a couple of months now. In August an additional liquidity pool was formed on 1inch exchange. During August, Vow and all Vow currencies … Read more

Cointribune: What is going on?

We’re reading Cointribune and an awesome article by Guillaume Moret Bailly The problem of centralization Presently, both political and financial authorities have reached an unprecedented level of centralisation, and this issue has manifested almost uniformly across the entire world. If there is one problem that the Covid-19 crisis has revealed, … Read more

Why Vow Is The Best Alternative To Centrally Issued Stablecoins

  The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies makes people wary of adopting them. Vow Currency comes as a breath of fresh air for traders, investors, consumers, and businesses. They may prove to be viable alternatives to centrally issued stablecoins.   Cryptocurrency has gained tremendous momentum with millions of people getting into … Read more

Cointribune article: After Bitcoin

What better way to dive into Vow than to reflect for a moment on the name of the project. The name was not chosen at random by the team, quite the contrary. As you know, a vow is a type of promise; but not just any old promise, since we … Read more