Vow for Card Issuers and Wallets

When you opt to reward your cardholders with vcurrency instead of cashback or points, you’ll increase engagement exponentially

Financial benefits

Bank Funded

 vcurrency is 80% cheaper than existing reward programmes, breakage can be retained, and contingent liabilities eradicated.

Merchant Funded

vcurrency also saves 80% for merchants on their existing reward programmes, resulting in many more partners joining.


vcurrency is earned instantly by your cardholders and can be redeemed instantly instore or online at 1000’s of businesses.

vcurrencies are more rewarding than points and cashback

Cardholders earn payment card and wallet linked vcurrencies either funded by Banks or by Merchants

vcurrencies can be instantly sent to other participants, or redeemed instore or online

Existing reward currency liabilities can be removed from balance sheets and converted to vcurrency

Core APIs, Branded Apps, Websites or Full Service Loyalty

Vow can introduce you to world class reward partners, all naturally PCI level 1 compliant, GDPR compliant and fiercely focused on your needs