Vow for everyone

When you opt for vcurrency as your digital currency of choice, you’ll change the world with every transaction you make

Vow for You


No bank, social media giant or central entity controls vcurrency. It is our money!


Your personal information will always remain private and under your control


Earn vcurrency with every purchase and help build a decentralized ecosystem

Earn vcurrencies in your
favourite rewards apps

Earn automatic vcurrencies in every
connected loyalty programme

Claim goods and services at any
Vow business with vcurrency

Convert supported reward points
and crypto to vcurrency at any time

Vow Wallet

An independent wallet for securely holding Vow, v$, v€, or v£ with your own private key.  Every time you add funds to your Vow wallet you’ll receive extra vcurrency for free.

Send vcurrencies to
friends and family for free

Send vcurrencies to friends and family instantly and with no additional fees in all connected apps. Move vcurrencies between reward programme managed wallets and your independent Vow wallet at any time.