Vow®unlocks trapped capital in your reward programme and supply chain.

Any business can take the Vow and begin issuing vcurrencies with the help of any participating loyalty organisation.

The Process

With its revolutionary decentralized backstop, Vow delivers businesses savings of 80%, or more, on their current reward programmes whilst frictionlessly reaching millions of consumers.

Register as an Acceptor

Begin accepting all supported reward currencies and cryptocurrencies via Vow Wallet. Payments are instantly converted to a vcurrency of your choice.

Become an Issuer

Become a vcurrency issuer by locking-up a Vow deposit and making the Vow of acceptance, to participate in a world-wide shift to decentralized currency issuance.

Get new customers

Your business will be featured to millions across all participating reward programmes, reward apps and cryptocurrency platforms, completely free

Accept vcurrencies and
gain access to new customers

Accept vcurrency on your phone, on a Vow terminal, or you may already be connected through one of a growing number of participating financial institutions.

Reward your customers
and save 80%

Save money on every transaction when accepting payment in vcurrency

Issue all rewards in vcurrency and become part of our Decentralised Backstop™

Gather insight from data driven output you can rely on