DeFi blue-chip, Sushi aka SushiSwap, is renowned for its fervent dedication to technological creativity, expansion and community commerce, helping create multiple passive-income revenue streams for cryptocurrency assets using’s secure and powerful DeFi tools!

Sushi is a community-driven platform that is building a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem intertwining its cryptocurrency exchange, leverage & margin trading platform, new token launchpad and NFT artist platform. All your cryptocurrency needs in one place – helping you take full advantage of this new digital financial world.

Your $SUSHI tokens can be used to vote for platform expansion suggestions posted by our community members. Become a member of one of the most passionate communities in crypto and have your say in shaping this decentralized financial powerhouse.

If you’re looking to add our custom tokens to metamask here are the addresses.

0x1BBf25e71EC48B84d773809B4bA55B6F4bE946Fb (VOW)
0x0fc6C0465C9739d4a42dAca22eB3b2CB0Eb9937A (vUSD)